Winter Edition : A collection to build your Winter Salwar kameez Wardrobe

Winter has arrived, and we've rounded up the cosiest and most fashionable pieces for your everyday wardrobe. With a number of colours to choose from and a variety of designs to discover, the Designer winter salwar kameez Collection from Zaitoon Lifestyle is something you can't miss out on. This winter collection also contains a number of reasonably priced ethnic clothing options that may be given as gifts for special occasions.

1. Digital printed khadi salwar kameez

Khadi, a hand-spun and woven natural fibre material popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, is derived from khaddar. Mahatma Gandhi coined the name "Khadi" during the Indian subcontinent's freedom struggle in 1918. The cloth is usually spun and woven by hand. Spinners, weavers, and tailors must invest time, effort, and years of skill. The process grows faster and less onerous as more powerful machines enter the picture, opening the path for mass production.

These suit sets are made of a soft, warm Spun fabric with a beautiful flower digital print on the front and back. They're paired with a similar digital design Chiffon dupatta that may be worn across the shoulders or around the neck like a traditional dupatta.

2. Digital printed Jacquard salwar kameez

Instead of being printed on the surface, a jacquard fabric features a complex design woven into the warp on a particular mechanised loom. Unlike prints, which are added after the fabric has been woven, jacquard designs are created as the fabric is being woven.

The most budget-friendly and comfy suit sets for winter are jacquard salwar suit sets, which can be stitched with a salwar, palazzo, or straight pants depending on your preference. The outfit is completed with a silk dupatta. Wrap the dupatta over you like a shawl when wearing this ensemble, and you'll be sure to turn heads.

3. Chiffon Salwar suits

Chiffon is a light, plain-weave fabric with a subtle gloss generated by a weaving technique. The chiffon weave has little puckers that make the fabric feel rough to the touch. A variety of synthetic and natural materials can be used to create the sheer fabric.

Stitched and unstitched chiffon salwar suits are offered. They are reasonably priced and suitable for any occasion. They are accompanied by a net or chiffon dupatta as well as trousers. Even in the cold, these sets are the finest options for looking stunning and staying stylish.

With Zaitoon Lifestyle, you can look great while being warm and comfy this winter. Make the gorgeous ensembles from our winter collection yours by placing an order now. Go to for more information.