Why Handmade will always be special

When buying handmade people often wonder why it is so expensive. The cost of one handmade item is more than any high street shop selling the same item. Comparing these two is impossible. While high street shops mass produce the same product, handmade products are actually made with care and made specifically for people with love.

Handmade stuff is made with love and efforts which get lost in a mass produced product. The attention to detail adds to the love that people have for handmade material.

Buying handmade is more sustainable

Handmade is more sustainable. Mass production means bulk buying and this lowers the prices at the production of raw material. This gives higher profits to the company when they sell it. This appears cheap to us but it isn’t when looking at the quality.

Due to this many people have to work with little pay causing the slowing of development of the country as it widens the gap between the rich and the poor. The poor cannot survive adverse conditions which would’ve been less devastating if they were wealthier.

Moreover the products used in mass production are cheaper and of bad quality. These products are not usually good for the environment as well and this causes pollution.

Handmade is forever not for just now

Mass produced items are generally throw away material and don’t last long. Handmade is already perfection and there is no need for an upgrade. Handmade pieces are unique, each will have a minute difference from the other and that makes you the only owner of a piece. Each handmade piece is just as unique as a person in the world.

Buying handmade is the real thing

High street shops try to replicate their products and want to give them handmade feels. They try to sell machine produced copy instead of the real handmade products. The difference is extremely lessened. Both look good but we know which one is real.

Buying handmade supports local people


Buying handmade supports local people. Companies which mass produce their products don’t pay enough to their producers for raw material. When buying handmade material, the money stays in the company and everyone gets the right price for their work. With businesses like these, we get the real products without any hidden taxes. We pay only for the things that are present in front of our eyes without paying any additional charges for the services.

Buying handmade keeps craft skills alive

When a handmade material is brought, we ensure that the craft skills required for them are kept alive. This is because a demand in material increases a demand in getting educated to produce it. This helps in keeping our roots alive as all these skills are traditional. Many of the skilled industries have already been replaced by machine produced things and the craft is getting lost.

Buying handmade celebrates who we are

Handmade material are usually customised. It is unique to our size. It keeps us away from one size fits all culture. Everything looks same when made with a machine. This kills our uniqueness. A lot of time, effort and love goes into a handmade product where as a mass produced lot is just a waste of resources which are already running out.

Handmade is made with great attention to detail


Handmade items are made with great attention to detail. Each thread, each weave, each stud and each piece is taken care of. They look beautiful with every detail because each detail is made with keeping in mind the needs and wants of a customer. In bulk production many pieces get defected and are then sent to export markets for being sold at cheaper rates.

Handmade material can be customised

Customising handmade material is possible as they are made by an individual and therefore addition or subtraction to a design or material can be done. Getting personalised goods is possible when handmade material are being talked of, however bulk production from factories can not be customised as they are produced for the mass.

Better fits and quality


As mentioned in the above points, handmade outfits or goods provide a better fit because they can be produced with exact measurements. However mass production is done by keeping in mind the standard fits and sizes. This leads to an additional cost being spent in making them suitable for the owner. This adds up to be more than the cost that would’ve been spent for a readymade product that has been made in factories.

Strengthening the economic growth

Most of the products that are mass produced are either imported or made in a franchise of a company that is foreign based. This hampers the economic growth of the country. Handmade products can be promoted easily through social media or physically as well to increase their sale and exporting them. By increasing the employment in country by supporting such small scale productions, the economy can also be supported.

While everyone is busy in the mass produced cliche goods and clothing, choosing handmade is the right choice and option to help the makers, the country and the environment as well as to save resources and money in a long run. Check out the beautiful fits available on zaitoon lifestyle that are hand crafted with love just for you.