Top fabric trends to watch out in 2021

When buying clothes, the style and designs are not the only concerns. The fabric type is also looked after and seen. Different fabrics are suitable for different seasons, occasions and body type. Different fabrics have different maintenance needs, flexibility, drapability and look. These fabrics create effects that change a person’s entire look.

It is essential to choose the fabric according to the need. Sustainable and eco friendly fabrics are trending nowadays. Fabric fashion comes in a very broad variety. People prefer fabrics that don’t do out of trend easily and can be used for a longer time.

Here is a list of the most trending fabrics of 2021-

1. Cotton Lawn




Cotton Lawn is a semi sheer but closer to opaque fabric that provides comfort when worn. Clothes made of this fabric are ideal for summers as they are soft and breathable. It looks extremely beautiful when worn, is a sustainable fabric and is trending a lot. The fabric’s lightweight makes it easy to carry and is therefore preferred a lot as it can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort.


2. Chiffon



Chiffon is constructed from natural silk or from polyester or rayon. It is a soft, flowing, affordable fabric and drapes extremely well. The fabric is elegant and looks extremely stylish. This fabric is usually used for garments that need to be worn on special occasions. The elegance and gorgeous appearance of this fabric makes it stand out from others. It is preferred because of its luxurious and royal look.


3. Organza



Organza is stiff and wiry and is made up of highly twisted filament yarns. It is made of viscose and synthetic fibers which makes it affordable. It is a sheer, smooth, crispy and slippery fabric and has a structured drape.This fabric has been trending for a long time and is still trending because of its gorgeous appearance.


4. Jacquard



Jacquard is a strong and durable fabric. It is structured and wrinkle resistant which makes it perfect for everyday wear. The clothes of the fabric does not fade or wear off. This fabric has been trending because of its structure and durability.


5. Cambric



Cambric is a lightweight fabric that is closely woven. It is easy to wear and carry in summers and is therefore trending currently. This fabric is light ,smooth and provides a beautiful appearance.


6. Khadi



Khadi is a sustainable fabric that looks extremely stylish and is trending a lot. It keeps everyone cool during the hot summers and causes no allergy which makes it body friendly. This fabric is hand woven. It is durable and long lasting. The making of the fabric is also eco friendly. Printed khadi looks extremely stylish. Clothes don't fade easily on washing and last more than other fabrics.


7. Silk



Silk is a breathable fabric and is also called a natural temperature regulator. It helps the body in retaining heat when the weather is cold and expelling heat when it is warm. It helps the body to maintain a temperature that is comfortable and natural. This fabric is fungal repellent and doesn’t attract mites. Silk has elegance like no other fabric.


8. Net



Net is a fabric that is always in demand.The fabric is wrinkle free, sheer and is light weighted due to which it is trending a lot. It can be worn in summers with ease and looks extremely elegant as well.

All these fabrics have been trending a lot and have many benefits as well. These fabrics can help you in keeping up with the trends and staying stylish. They can help you in elevating your day to day look. However, being comfortable in what you wear is extremely important. Keeping up with trends when you’re not confident in your outfit is useless. So stay comfortable in what you wear and look stylish all the time.

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