Summer 2021 Wedding Colour Palette

Due to covid-19 pandemic world wide, many weddings had been postponed. This has caused many weddings to take place in summers of 2021. While weddings are about food and celebration, looking trendy in a wedding is also extremely important. Whether you’re an organizer or an attendee, keeping up with the trends is an important task to do. To be couples also couples need to stay up-to-date with the trends. The trending colors to include in your wedding palette. When it comes to wardrobe, we’ve got your back. So let’s have a look at the colors we shortlisted for you-

Summer Wedding Colour Palette 2021

1. Light shades of Blue

Light shades of blue won many hearts in weddings in the previous year as well. They have a soothing and  subtle aura to them. The way in which both brides and bridesmaids carried the shades of blue so well have left us all in awe. The pastel hues give summery and beachy vibes and are going to trend for a few more years. We’ll definitely be seeing these shades a lot in summer 2021 wedding color palettes. To inspire you, we have a few picks for this color-


    Don’t miss these ideas for your ‘light shades of blue’ wedding color palette. Do something unique and special and make your wedding stand out. 

    2. Blush Pink

    The pastel colors are trending from a few years and are still strong in the game. This means that Blush Pink is going to be a color that we’ll be seeing a lot in summer weddings as well. This color is elegant and beautiful and suits every skin tone. To inspire you, we have a pick for this color-

    Don’t miss these ideas for your ‘Blush pink’ wedding color palette. Have a trend setting wedding and look fabulous in all the pre wedding festivities. 

    3. Lilac & Lavender

    Hues of purple have been winning over everyone’s heart for quite some time now. Lilac and Lavender  very trendy colors. People have incoperated these colors beautifully in their weddings in the past as well. This an amazing color option to stand out of the crowd. To inspire you, we have a few picks for you-


    Don’t miss these ideas for your ‘Lavender and Lilac’  wedding color palette. Choose this soothing color palate for your wedding and make it a memorable experience for others as well.

    4. Marigold Yellow

    Marigold yellow never fails to outshine other colors in Indian pre-wedding functions especially in Haldi ceremonies it is the most loved color. The best part? It gives summery vibes. We have a few picks for you.

    Don’t miss these ideas for your ‘Marigold’ summer wedding colour palette. This color is the essence of Indian weddings and looks gorgeous every time.

    5. Champagne

    Champagne is a classic shade, it is a very popular color for weddings. The color has a hint of modern as well as classic. This color has been used a lot these days for weddings.

     Don’t miss these ideas for your ‘Champagne’ wedding color palette. Make your pre wedding festivities look royal with this color.

    6. Red and white

    Nothing goes as well as the combination of Red and white. These two colors are extremely trending and look stunning together. These colors when combined give a calm look. Red is the color that completes an Indian wedding. Red is the color of love and looks ravishing with a neutral shade like white.

    Don’t miss these ideas for your ‘Red and white’ summer wedding colour palette. Make your pre wedding festivities look stunning with this palate.

    7. Greens

    Green color provides the calm and classy vibe that a wedding needs. This color, if used properly, looks subtle and gives a beautiful look to the person wearing it. When darker shades are used, it can be worn at night and if lighter shades are used it looks amazing in the morning.


    Don’t miss these ideas for your ‘Green’ wedding color palette. Make your wedding colors unique and subtle.

    These wedding colors for 2021 have received a lot of love until now and will continue to be loved even more in future as well.  All the pieces mentioned above for inspiration are unstitched and are therefore appropriate for all sizes, styles and designs. Don’t let these inspirations go. Shop at Zaitoon lifestyle now.

    Whatever is the color that you decide for your wedding, make sure that you make the best use out of it and make your collection look stunning. All the best!