Summer Salwar Suit Colours | Zaitoon Lifestyle

Salwar suit is one of the most worn clothing in many countries. With summers approaching, they have been modified in the material they are made of in order to make them suitable for summers and spring. Material of the outfit determines whether it can be worn in a particular season or not.

Along with the material of the outfit, the color plays an important role as well. The color determines the look and the feel of an outfit. dark colors like black can cause a warming effect while light colors can give a cooling effect. These colours look tremendous on a salwar suit and make them stand out.

Here are a few colors that we think will look beautiful on salwar suits and should definitely be tried this season-

1. Light blue

Light blue has won many hearts in the previous year as well. They have a soothing and  subtle aura to them. The pastel hues give summery and beachy vibes and are going to trend for a few more years. They are suitable for the summer season because of the cooling effect associated with the color. It is a color that looks good on both day and night occasions. We have an inspiration to help you out with an idea of how this color will look with salwar suits-

This colour looks absolutely stunning on salwar suits and is surely trending this summer season.

2. Yellow

Nothing says summer like the color yellow. It is an extremely cheerful color and gives energetic feels as well. It never fails to outshine other colors. The summery and lively vibe that this color provides, makes it appropriate for summer salwar suit colours. We have an idea for you to inspire you on how this color will look when worn on a salwar suit.-

3. Lilac & Lavender

Hues of purple have been winning over everyone’s heart for quite some time now. Lilac and Lavender are very trendy colors. This is an amazing color option to stand out of the crowd. This color gives a soothing and a calming feel and affect just like the light blue shade. It is an ideal color to grab everyone’s attention while looking subtle. We have a few ideas to give you an inspiration on how this color will look  in salwar suits-

4. Green

Green color provides the calm and classy vibe that is desired by everyone.. This color, if used properly, looks subtle and gives a beautiful look to the person wearing it. When darker shades are used, it can be worn at night and if lighter shades are used it looks amazing in the morning. This color gives an effect of spring season and looks extremely beautiful and elegant. We have a few ideas to inspire you on how this colour will look on salwar suits- 

5. Pink


This color has been  trending for many years and is still strong in the game. This means that Pink is going to be a color that we’ll be seeing a lot in summer 2021 as well. This color is elegant and beautiful and suits every skin tone. It helps one to embrace her feminine side. We have a few inspirations to give you an idea on how this colour will look on salwar suits-

These are a few colors that are trending a lot these summers and look gorgeous on anyone wearing it. These colors give the summer-spring feel along with a cooling and soothing effect to the person wearing this color. These colors look ideal for the season and can be worn by anyone and everyone. 

While it is important to keep up with trends, it is extremely important to feel confident and comfortable while you do so. Wear what makes you comfortable and feel confident in your outfit to truly stand out and look beautiful.