Spring/Summer 2021 fashion trends: Get your wardrobe ready

Summer/spring season is back with everything finally opening back up. 2020 has been a quiet year for the fashion industry but people found new and innovative ways to express themselves. Whether it was reusing old clothes to make something new or switching to online shopping, people came up with new trends. While the cozy quarantine look was extremely comfortable and the work from home look was a lot easier, it’s finally time to get back to our old lives, and adjust to this ‘new normal’.

Getting back to normal and keeping up with the latest trends is a vital part of 2021. We are here for all the fashionistas and even the workaholics with the latest trends to make you stand out and feel confident- 

1. Cotton Lawn fabric


Cotton Lawn is a semi sheer but closer to opaque fabric that provides comfort  when worn. Clothes made of this fabric are ideal for summers as they are soft and breathable. It looks extremely beautiful when worn, is a sustainable fabric and is trending a lot. The fabric’s lightweight makes it easy to carry and is therefore preferred a lot as it can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort. 

2. Cambric fabric

Cambric is a lightweight fabric that is closely woven. It is easy to wear and carry in summers and is therefore trending currently. This fabric is  light ,smooth and provides a beautiful appearance. It is a breathable and airy fabric and is also ideal for when you want to stand out from the crowd.

3. Khadi fabric

Khadi is a sustainable fabric that looks extremely stylish and is trending a lot. It keeps everyone cool during the hot summers and causes no allergy which makes it body friendly. This fabric is hand woven. It is durable and long lasting. The making of the fabric is also eco friendly. Printed khadi looks extremely stylish. Clothes don't fade easily on washing and last more than other fabrics.

4. Floral prints

Floral prints are always in fashion. They give the desired summer and spring fashion vibes to the outfit. They also make a person look beautiful and stylish. Floral print has been in fashion since a long time and is still trending. Whether it's a floral dupatta or a kurta, everything looks better and elevated with floral print. It also gives a cheerful and younger affect to the person wearing it. Floral print has been a trend for a long time now and will continue to trend in future as well.

5. Light and pastel colors  

Along with the material of the outfit, the color plays an important role as well. The color determines the look and the feel of an outfit. dark colors like black can cause a warming effect while light colors can give a cooling effect. These colors look tremendous on a salwaar suit and make them stand out. Light blue, yellow, lavender, pink , green and white colors have won many hearts in the previous year as well. They have a soothing and  subtle aura to them. The pastel hues give summery and beachy vibes and are going to trend for a few more years. They are suitable for the summer season because of the cooling or cheerful effect associated with the colors. These colors look good on both day and night occasions.

6. Accessories

Due to summers and hot weather, people prefer outfits with minimum work and those that are lightweight and breathable. Due to this, simple outfits are a preference. Here comes the need for accessorizing in the picture. Whether it is a belt or a necklace, an earring or a purse, a handbag or your favorite pair heels, it is essential to choose the accessories that bring out your look and helps you stand out from the crowd even in a simple outfit.

These were some of the fashion trends that can be followed according to your preference for spring and summer 2021. However it is advised to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable instead of dressing to please the people around you. Confidence is the key with which you can set trends instead of following them.

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