New Ethnic Fashion trends you need to check out now

Every Indian holds a particular place in his or her heart for ethnic attire. These outfits are attractive on every occasion, thanks to their vibrant colours, embellishments, and a range of materials. Many people save them and pass them down through the years.

While everything else changes and progresses, ethnic tendencies stay constant, with little variations here and there. As a result, purchasing an ethnic fabric is a wise investment. Who doesn't want to wear their mother's saree, for example? Isn't it strange? How come that saree is still fashionable years later?

We done the research and found the hottest styles for you to check out if you want to improve your ethnic fashion quotient. -

1. Kurtis with prints

These days, a patterned Kurti is highly fashionable. It's a must-have garment for any lady. It's appropriate for business, parties, and even informal gatherings. To make this style stand out, the bottoms and accessories you choose are crucial. This is a must-have style for any lady, regardless of her age. Almost everyone like it because of the convenience it provides. It also offers the person a sophisticated appearance. For this style, we've found a source of inspiration.

2. A soft and colourful dupatta

Having a selection of vibrant, embroidered, or patterned dupattas on hand for any occasion may be incredibly beneficial. They go well with Kurtis and even some indo-western ensembles. A superb dupatta can make an outfit seem great and stand out. Colorful dupattas may transform even the most casual of outfits. A dupatta that complements an outfit might help to improve the fit. A funky dupatta looks fantastic with this outfit. We have some ideas for you-


 3. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are incredibly stylish and may be worn with both ethnic and western clothing. They're really comfy and add to the overall aesthetic. Ethnic, western, and indo-western clothes all look great with this easy style. Palazzo pants have been popular for a long time and are unlikely to go away anytime soon.


4. Accessories to Match with all the Clothes

Accessories are necessary to complete any outfit. Accessories are necessary for ethnic clothing. To complete your ethnic style, you'll need some trendy neckpieces, earrings, mang tikas, and kamarbands.

5. Printed Khadi 

The material of a printed Khadi garment is claimed to keep the wearer warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It has a long shelf life and does not fade readily. The printed khadi dress material is really attractive, and it is also quite comfy. Because it is a sustainable cloth, it is quite popular these days.


6. Velvet

Velvet is a fabric associated with aristocracy. It has a sumptuous appearance and a dramatic sensation owing to its appearance and feel. It may take any ethnic party appearance to the next level. It's useful for emphasizing the curves, and embroidery on it may make it stand out. It keeps the wearer warm as well.

7. Trending colors

The use of pastel colors has become increasingly popular. They give the clothes a feminine touch. They also give excellent shade throughout the hot months. They're especially stunning when coupled with metallic or dark hues. These hues have a calming effect and also appear elegant. They've been quite popular and will continue to be popular for a long time.


8. Marigold magic

The hue marigold has a summery feel to it and is also joyful. The bright yellow tones are always appropriate for any occasion. When worn with ethnic clothing, this hue pops. This hue is essential to Indian wedding customs, especially the pre-wedding haldi ceremony.

9. Whites

White, more than any other hue, has a regal air. It looks fantastic with loose-fitting clothing. It has a romantic and feminine appearance. It gives off a luxury vibe. This hue provides the user a sense of purity and peace, and it is calming to the eyes.

10. Thread embroideries

It gives off a regal and opulent vibe. It exudes a feel that is perfect for any occasion. Thread embroideries are available in a variety of styles, from light to heavy. Every style of thread embroidery, from sequin to self-work, adds beauty to otherwise plain-looking clothing. These also look stunning no matter where they're worn or how big the event is.


These are a few current trends that are well-liked and admired. Keep up with the latest trends and stay trendy at a reasonable price by shopping at Zaitoon Lifestyle.

While it may appear that following trends is crucial since everyone else is trying to look their best, it is far more vital to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. The fundamental aspect that determines trends is your confidence in your attire and how you wear it. It's when you're at ease in your clothes that you shine the brightest. Always search for methods to relax and feel good in your clothes.