Make your go-to salwar kameez appear bohemian and stylish with these tips

Cotton salwar kameez is one of the most popular and well-loved Indian clothing, and many young girls and women wear them on a regular basis. Cotton salwar suits are light, breezy, and comfortable, and they provide lots of flexibility and mobility, making them ideal for everyday use. They're quite adaptable and come in a variety of appealing styles that can be worn for festivals, ceremonies, and other celebrations.

A quality Kurti, like a crisp white shirt, instantly elevates our ensemble. On days when we don't know what to wear, a Kurti can be the answer. The Kurtis from Zaitoon Lifestyle is meant to keep you comfy all day without losing elegance. We've put up a list of simple styling tips to help you turn your favorite Kurti into a boho-chic look!

Get rid of those dreary blues.

You can up your style game with this Royal blue suit. Blue is a colour that enhances your beauty in any situation. Choose a belt that fits snugly around your waist, a pair of tan slip-ons, and a loose bun for your hair. Good day, boho goddess!

Bring home the sunshine 

On gloomy days, choose this ruby red set and match it with a large jacket. Zaitoon Lifestyle has designed this piece to be a classic Boho-chic choice! You won't need much for this style; only a pair of excellent block heels and oxidised jhumkas will suffice!

Go Lilac

A lilac kurta will make you feel like a Greek goddess on an errand. Lilac is a cool and calming colour, and the wonderful lilac colours complement the overall look of the ensemble. You can complement the look by wearing hand accessories or by wearing a belt.

Strut in Yellow

Combine a cheerful smile with a yellow lawn set! The ensemble is a new take on a traditional design, and the sleeves add a touch of bohemian. Remember to pick your spectacles and your stilettos carefully! Set trends like a diva by not sacrificing your comfort for your style.

Bright Bohemian vibes

This pink embroidered attire is the perfect match for your fashionable demeanour! When coupled with a belt, this option will help you channel your inner diva. In this set, you'll look and feel royal, and every head in the room will turn to appreciate your clothing.

The Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular Indian dresses for women all around the country, and there are so many styles to choose from that you'll have one for every occasion. Go for a powerful look this season with loads of Boho-chic influences and a never-say-die attitude! You can get your favourite looks by looking through Zaitoon Lifestyle's latest kurtis. Remember to dress in the clothes that make you feel the most at ease. Prepare to set the bar high with Zaitoon Lifestyle.