Little Something for your Loved Ones

Receiving gifts is a source of joy to many people. But this joy is usually short lived. We stay happier and more excited while giving gifts as sharing and giving brings us joy. Hedonic adaptation is a phenomenon where experiencing a moment again and again reduces the excitement and happiness associated with it. However, giving gifts does not work like this and hence is an exception.

The joy of seeing someone get happy after they see the gift you got them sticks around a lot more than you can think or imagine it to. It also reinforces our sense of social connection and belonging. 

When shopping or visiting a new place, the first thing you think of is buying a gift for the people you love. This means giving gifts without the expectations of getting them back increases the joy. When we focus on the action instead of the result or consequence, that is when we experience true happiness.

Clothes can also be amazing gifts for your loved ones. However when readymade clothes are to be given, size issues cause chaos. This is why unstitched clothing is better and more preferred by everyone. It can be stitched and made into something else according to the receiver’s wish. It is easy to get it stitched according to preference and the trending styles. They can be kept for years and stitched when required.

Here are a few ideas that you can use when looking for clothes to gift to a loved one-

1. Jungle treak khadi salwar suit set

This set is black in color and therefore looks subtle and sober. It has off white print which gives it a classy appearance due to its uniqueness.This set is ideal for all types of occasions where you don’t want to look over the top and still stand out. Being made up of khadi, it is eco friendly, friendly to skin and also doesn’t cause any allergy to those with sensitive skin. It can be worn in all the seasons as it is temperature regulating. This is an ideal gift and it can be  made into a decent outfit that can be worn at many occasions.

2. Bohemian purple cotton lawn salwar suit set with chiffon dupatta 

This purple colored suit along with the orange embroidery is the ideal outfit for gifting as a token of love to your friends and family . This suit looks gorgeous. The fabric is cotton lawn which is lightweight,breathable and has a good quality. The color used is one of the most trending colors these days. This suit looks stylish and is modest at the same time. As it is an unstitched suit, it can be personalised by the person receiving it.

3. Bakshi Banu Brown Chiffon Salwar suit set

This stunning suit made up of chiffon dress material looks extremely glamorous on the one who wears it. The embroidery lace on dupatta and at the back elevates the look along with the front embroidery patch. The embroidery adds a touch of blue to the outfit. The glitter and shimmer adds grace to the set. The decent round neckline and straight cut makes it appropriate for gifting to people of any age and taste. It can be modified according to the person’s preference. 

4. Dahlia Red salwar suit made of linen dress material

This beautiful Dahlia red suit looks glamorous. It is suitable for gifting due to its elegance and style. Being made out of Linen, it is the most appropriate material for the weather and temperature these days. The print makes the suit look extremely gorgeous but light at the same time. The embroidery and embellishments make the suit stand out. The decent neckline with the good quality fabric along with  comfortable and breathability of the material makes it a good choice for people of older ages as well.

5. Festoon pink cambric salwar suit set

This suit has a pinkish purple color which is a subtle and good color for gifting to people. The  print on the suit makes it stand out. Cambric is a lightweight fabric that is closely woven. It is easy to wear and carry in summers and is therefore trending currently. This fabric is  light ,smooth and provides a beautiful appearance. This suit can be worn at various occasions and festivals and can also be altered according to the wearer’s preference.

These were a few ideas of clothes that you can give to your loved ones as a token of love. Choose from a wide range of similar yet unique clothes at and make your loved ones feel special and happy.