Khadi is back in trend

Khadi finally made it to the ramp. This transition has been a long struggle. From being unappreciated to being trendy and amongst the favorites of bloggers and fashionistas, khadi has been one of the most comfortable, stylish and sustainable fabrics of all times.

Khadi is a blend of cotton, silk or wool that is spun into thread on a charkha. In India it is considered as a symbol of freedom. Designers from all over the world are now using khadi for their designs. It is well known for its comfort and many designers have been working hard to provide khadi a contemporary look. Wearing organic khadi also has medicinal values.

Khadi provides a gracious and magnificent look while still looking extremely simple. The carbon footprints produced are minimal. The fabric is hand spun and therefore requires no electricity. It causes no allergy or irritation to the body and regulates the body temperature.

Khadi lasts longer than other fabrics. It retains its shine for approximately 100 washes or even more. It is fade resistant. It helps keep moisture away and blocks UV rays.

It provides for all the needs that a modern consumer has. It is an affordable fabric which can be worn anywhere and still looks appropriate. Once, this fabric was once for masses, but is now a style statement. Khadi has earned a good name for itself; today it is about slipping into this amazing fabric and winning the world with ease and comfort.

  1. Medallion Brown Khadi Salwar Suit Set


Medallion brown khadi salwar suit set is brown in color and has digital print. The print is unique and of maroon and white color. This set is decent and sober. Being a dark color , it is preferred by many people. This suit is appropriate for office wear.

  1. Crimson digital printed khadi salwar suit set

This suit is of crimson color along with white and blue digitally printed design. The design is unique and therefore makes this suit look gorgeous and stand out. It is appropriate for occasions such as small get togethers amongst the family.

  1. Anchor Black Digital Printed Khadi Salwar suit set

Anchor black digital printed salwar suit set is blue in color which is one of the most liked colors by majority of people. The floral print on the suit makes it stand out and look gorgeous. The lace and unique design for the sleeves add to the look of the suit. It is ideal for pre wedding festivities if worn with accessories.

  1. Pine orange digital printed khadi salwar suit set

This set is orange and green in color which forms an amazing and subtle color combination. The uniqueness of the print adds to the style. The design on the sleeves make the suit stand out. It is a stunning suit that can be worn for office wear.

  1. Jungle treak khadi salwar suit set

This set is black in color and therefore looks subtle and sober. It has off white print which gives it a classy appearance due to its uniqueness. This set is ideal for all types of occasions where you don’t want to look over the top and still stand out.


These are some of the most loved khadi designs available. Khadi being a local fabric, is tremendously popular amongst Indians especially. Printed khadi is rather a rare and unique sight as it is not always available like that. Printed khadi adds to the look of the set making it look beautiful and unique. Khadi is also preferred because it is skin friendly and causes no allergies. It regulates the wearer’s body temperature to cool in summers and warm in winters. It is also eco friendly. Khadi is also long lasting and doesn’t fade easily on washing.


The fashion trends mentioned above are those which are followed these days. This leads to the rise in demand of khadi. Even though these are the trends, it is not necessary to follow everything that is trending. Staying comfortable in what you wear is what makes a person a trend setter.


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