Feel Royal With Zaitoon's Luxury Chiffon Collection

You might’ve heard about various fabrics? One of the most common and beautiful fabrics that you might’ve come across in this process of knowing about various fabrics would be chiffon. Chiffon, a fabric used for various occasions, is a tissue-like fabric. It is known for its shimmer, sheer and floating nature. The shimmery look provides a royal aspect to clothes made with Chiffon fabric. Chiffon is a light weighted fabric and is associated with luxury and elegance.


Chiffon is sheer and has a rough feel. It is a strong fabric with the most shimmer. Chiffon drapes well over the body contours and holds dye well. Chiffon is used for evening gowns, scarves and sashes, sarees, home decors, and dupattas. Sunlight fades the fabric and therefore one needs to be careful while handling the fabric. Like crepe fabrics, it has a slippery texture.


Want to feel royal in chiffon?Zaitoon has everything you need. The luxury chiffon collection from Zaitoon lifestyle is the answer to all your queries.


  1. Aisan Daulat Begum Chiffon Salwar Suit Set


 This blue suit made of chiffon dress material is one of the best suits in the collections. The blue color catches your attention and the comfortable fabric is what you desire in your clothes. This unstitched salwar suit has white embroidery which gives it an extremely graceful look.

  1. Nur Jahan Peach Chiffon Salwar Suit Set


 Peach is one of the most loved colors of these times. The feminine look associated with peach color is what gives this suit its elegance. The material of this suit is breathable and of high quality. The embroidery adds grace to this piece. This suit is appropriate for your special occasions.


  1. Guldaban Designer Black Chiffon Salwar Suit Set


 This black piece is quite the definition of elegance. The pink and green embroidery on this piece looks glamorous. The attention to detail is what makes this suit suitable for various occasions.It is lightweight. This suit has net sleeves which looks stunning. This set gives you the royal feel that you desire.


  1. Rose Quartz Designer Chiffon Salwar Suit Set


This suit is pink in color and looks extremely gorgeous on anyone who wears it. The white embroidery gives an impressive look to the suit.This suit is suitable for any occasions that are set in daylight as it will outshine all other outfits. This suit is the definition of elegance. This exquisite piece is also light weight without making you look under dressed. The material used is of high quality.


  1. Rainbow Moon Designer Chiffon Salwar Suit Set


This white suit gives a vibe of purity and positivity. The unique design is what makes it stand out. This suit looks sober and serene. The material is high quality and worth the price paid. It is a decent set with a round neckline making it look modest as well.


  1. Citrine Designer Chiffon Salwar Suit Set



This yellow suit looks subtle yet just appropriate for your small get-togethers.The embroidery looks decent. The usage of purple and blue color compliments the set and enhances it’s look. The design looks sober. It fulfills the need for a simple yet stylish outfit.


Bakshi Banu Brown Chiffon Salwar Suit Set




    This stunning suit made up of chiffon dress material looks extremely glamorous on the one who wears it. The embroidery lace on dupatta and at the back elevates the look along with the front embroidery patch. The embroidery adds a touch of blue to the outfit. The glitter and shimmer adds grace to the set. The decent round neckline and straight cut gives it a modest look.


    Feeling royal with chiffon is an easy thing to do. It is a fabric that gives a confidence boost in the person wearing it because the outfit contributes a lot to the wearer. There are many more designs to choose from exclusively at zaitoon lifestyle. Order your unstitched salwar suit set online now. Feel royal and luxurious only with zaitoon’s luxury chiffon collection.