Designer Pakistani Suits for all occasions

In numerous cultures, salwar suits are one of the most popular clothing styles. To maintain them weather-proof, the material used to make them is changed throughout the season. A garment's fabric dictates whether it may be worn in a specific season. However, certain fabrics work well for every season. 

In the winter, style is just as vital as comfort. Now that winter fashion is in full swing, it's also time to update your wardrobe. At Zaitoon Lifestyle, you can find the best outfits.

Here are a few outfit ideas for you:

1. Digital printed khadi salwar kameez

Khaddar is the source of khadi, a hand-spun and woven natural fibre textile popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. During the Indian subcontinent's freedom war in 1918, Mahatma Gandhi coined the term "Khadi." Typically, the cloth is spun and weaved by hand. Spinners, weavers, and tailors all have to put in a lot of time, effort, and years of experience. As more powerful machines enter the picture, the process becomes faster and less onerous, paving the way for mass manufacturing.

The front and back of these suit sets are printed with a stunning flower digital print on a soft, warm Spun fabric. They're combined with a Chiffon dupatta with a similar digital design that may be worn around the neck or across the shoulders like a conventional dupatta.

2. Digital printed Jacquard salwar kameez

Jacquard fabric has a complicated design woven into the warp on a specific mechanized loom, rather than being printed on the surface. Unlike prints, which are applied after the fabric is woven, jacquard designs are formed during the weaving process.

Jacquard salwar suit sets, which can be stitched with a salwar, palazzo, or straight pants depending on your taste, are the most budget-friendly and comfortable suit sets for winter. A silk dupatta completes the ensemble. When you wear this outfit, wrap the dupatta around you like a shawl and you'll be sure to turn heads.

3. Chiffon Salwar suits

Chiffon is a light, plain-weave fabric with a faint sheen created by weaving. Little puckers in the chiffon weave make the fabric feel rough to the touch. The sheer fabric can be made from a range of synthetic and natural materials.

Chiffon salwar suits are available in both sewn and unstitched versions. They are inexpensive and appropriate for any occasion. A net or chiffon dupatta, as well as trousers, are worn with them. These outfits are the best solutions for appearing great and staying trendy even in the cold.

This winter, you can look fantastic at every occasion while being warm and comfortable thanks to Zaitoon Lifestyle. Place an order now to get one of the stunning ensembles from our winter collection. For additional information, go to