Celebrate the cream of Ramadan in Style

“Make this Ramadan the turning point in your life. break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge in the sweetness of Eeman.”

Ramadan is a month of reflection, giving back and also a way to connect to god spiritually. It is also a time to connect with family and friends. Along with some habits, clothing style also needs to be altered. While staying stylish, it is also important to look decent and still looking up to date with the trends. 

Ramadan falls in one of the hottest months of the year and it is extremely difficult to  remain modest while looking fashionable. While shorts, skirts and other such clothes are unacceptable during this time, many types of fashionable  ethnic wear is available to go to while looking appropriate and classy

Here we have for you, a few style inspirations to go to for the season of ramadan and look stylish in ethnic wear for women.

1. Dahlia Red salwar suit made of linen dress material

This beautiful Dahlia red suit looks glamorous. It is suitable for Ramdan due to its elegance and style. Being made out of Linen, it is the most appropriate material for the weather and temperature these days. The print makes the suit look extremely gorgeous but light at the same time. The embroidery and embellishments make the suit stand out. The  good quality fabric along with  comfortable and breathability of the material makes it a good choice for the month of ramadan. 

2. Light Brown suit made of chiffon dress material

This stunning suit made up of chiffon dress material looks extremely glamorous on the one who wears it. The embroidery lace on dupatta and at the back elevates the look along with the front embroidery patch. The embroidery adds a touch of blue to the outfit. The glitter and shimmer adds grace to the set. The glamorous look makes it appropriate for ramadan. This can be worn to the iftar parties with your family and friends.

3. Russet band salwar suit made of cotton dress material

This suit is of rust color and has a dusky brown dupatta. The white embroidery on the suit makes it look extremely stunning. The decent neckline makes the suit appropriate for the occasion. The fabric is cotton which is extremely breathable and light. The rust color makes this suit look serene. This outfit is very comfortable and thus can be worn when you’re offering namaz. 

4. Furious waves made up of cotton dress material

This exquisite cream colored suit gives a decent look to the wearer. Being made out of cotton, it has a breathable and comfortable material. This suit is light weighted and the printed embroidery of golden color enhances the look of the suit. The creme color gives a pure and calming feel.This outfit can be worn while praying as it is extremely comfortable.

5. Crimson suit made of khadi dress material


Khadi material is a long lasting and sustainable material. It keeps the wearer warm in winters and cool in summers and is hence appropriate for all the seasons. As the material is trending a lot these days, it is appropriate for ramadan. The color of the salwar suit is soothing and stylish. Such colors look beautiful on every complexion. The decent neckline adds to the look of the suit. This suit has a simple yet beautiful print and is light weighted as well. Khadi does not fade on washes and lasts upto hundred washes while other clothes do not last that long. Due to it’s decent yet bold look, it is one of the best selections for Ramadan.

6. Bohemian purple salwar suit made of cotton dress material

This purple colored suit along with the orange embroidery is the ideal outfit for Ramadan. This suit looks gorgeous. The fabric is cotton lawn which is lightweight, breathable and has a good quality. The color used is one of the most trending colors these days. This suit looks stylish and can be worn on iftar parties. Look glamorous while celebrating in this outfit.

Hope these ideas convince you that looking stylish is not about western clothes. It is possible to look extremely stylish while praying during Ramadan. All these suits are available as unstitched suit online at Zaitoon lifestyle.Do not forget to look  in your wardrobes and find some abayas and kaftans that can go well with these outfits and give them a whole new and refreshing look. We hope you have a blessed and holy Ramadan.