Beautiful Summer Colours for Salwar Suits

Summer season; the hot sweltering warmth of the days with a light breeze of the night. Who doesn’t love summer? The warm day greeting with a smile and embracing you. Everything about summer is bright and hot. And with summer comes the imminent summer fashion, Summer fashion is all about keeping it cool and comfortable.

Breathable materials and a nice texture will help you through the day. Salwar suit is a summer staple for a lot of ladies, and at times it might be difficult to find complementary colours to pair. We are here to help you. Here are some colour combinations you won’t go wrong within the summer.

  • White & Red 
  • The purity of white with a splash of bold red is a great combination. Don a salwar suit in pleasant white and red and give off an aura of royalty and authenticity. Want to get yourself a salwar suit in white & red? Shop from Zaitoon Lifestyle and explore the great combination of unstitched pieces for your summer feels.

  • Blue & Navy Blue
  • Blue as the sky or blue as the ocean, a shade of blue is independent and can be well-matched with blue itself. Soothing to the eyes and soothing to the soul and good blue coloured salwar suit is the perfect fit for the summer.

  • Beige & Red
  • The tone of beige can be fairly mundane to top it off, pair the salwar kameez with a pop of red to bring out your look. Invest in some designed dupattas to complete the look perfectly. If you are looking for the right match of beige & red salwar suit then Zaitoon Lifestyle might just be the right place. Exceptional intricate detailing on pieces of fine materials of linen, khadi, cotton, to keep you going through the season.

  • Black & Yellow
  • Nothing catches the eye like a stellar black & yellow combination. Yellow or gold, your black salwar syncs with these perfectly. Owing to the versatility of black, any colour meshes well with it. So, go ahead feel glorious and elegant in a black & yellow salwar suit this summer.

  • Blue & Pink
  • A great shade of pastel is a summer staple. The cool bubbly tones of pastels make your summer look soft and ethereal. For casual occasions or just a day out by yourself, a pretty pastel won’t disappoint. Love pastels? Then Zaitoon Lifestyle has a great collection in store for you. Shop from a wide range of unstitched salwar suit pieces in pastels and change your summer style statement one salwar at a time. 

  • Gold & Green
  • If you are searching for a bold combination in this list then the gold & green combination is the answer. Make any occasion lively with a punch of gold & green. Look ready and outstanding in a nice flavor of gold & green.

  • Grey & Brown
  • Grey & brown are incomplete without one another. Mild in colour but when paired together, a salwar suit in grey and brown exudes royalty and fine elegance to your look. Mix in some traditional designs on the dupatta and you are ready for you simple yet bold summer look. If you’re looking for a good quality salwar suit this summer then Zaitoon Lifestyle is the place for you. Shop for unstitched salwar suits of cotton, khadi, linen, chiffon, etc. with immaculate designing and look fabulous for summer. 

  • Purple & Peach
  • Another medley of pastels calls for the purple & peach combination. A lovely set that is noticeable and matches well with the summer aesthetics. Add a gorgeous detailed dupatta to this combination and you’ll have people inspired with your look in no time.

  • Green & Rust
  • Everything natural comes alive in the combination of green & rust. Soil meets trees and flourishes in the summer season. Suitable for any occasion, dress beatifically and look your best with a winsome pair of green & rust. Want to get yourself a combination of green & rust? Then look no further because Zaitoon Lifestyle just so happens to have a versatile collection of summer salwar suits you are looking for. Beautiful shades, fine fabrics, impeccable designing, and excellent craftsmanship all at Zaitoon Lifestyle.

  • Yellow & Blue
  • We end on a note of summer joy in the form of the yellow & blue combination. A cheerful coming together of the colour yellow with blue brings out the essence of your overall salwar suit. It looks gorgeous and ever ready for the summer season.

    Colour combinations are all about experimenting. Your style of dressing and pairing things up. You could come up with a lot of other eclectic options that will make your salwar suit look stylish and season-ready. If not then Zaitoon Lifestyle has a lot of options you can explore from. The great fabric quality and elaborate designing that portrays a blend of authentic Indian designs with modern trends. Come check us out.

    Let us know your thoughts on your favourite summer salwar suit colour combinations in the comments below.