5 new bridal trends you need to follow right now.

Hello, lovely! 2021 is the year to organize your wedding if you want to strike a balance between modernism and ethnicity. The Indian fashion week introduces a host of fresh Indian bridal wear trends each season. As a result, we searched through all of the designer collections to identify the most beautiful wedding gowns for the year 2021.

Here are all the hottest game-changing trends for your wedding day jewelry! This year, we're focusing on allowing the positive energy of a fresh beginning into our lives. These bridal outfits for parties and weddings will certainly be suitable for you if you're a fashionista! Let's take a look at some of the most recent Indian bridal dress trends for 2021.

When it comes to her wedding day, every bride wants to appear picture-perfect. Indian brides are stunning with their extravagant jewels, brilliant colors, and royal attire. Our traditions are extremely important to us, which is why, despite the fast evolution of western design, Indian bridal fashion trends remain faithful to their roots year after year.

1. 50 shades of pink

No matter how many unique hues we see on brides, tones of pink will always top the wedding charts! It has an odd fascination scrolling through photographs of women in lovely pink wedding lehengas. Brides are loving over a pink color palette this year, whether it's an elaborately embroidered gown or a modern glistening design.

With an eye-catching pomegranate pink lehenga, you can keep up with the newest bridal hues! The millennial dusty pink tint, which is a lighter shade of rose pink with fewer mauve overtones, is ideal for brides who want to keep things simple and elegant.

2. Contrast jewelry 

A beautiful collection of jewelry completes a bride's ensemble. It's challenging to find the appropriate jewelry set for your big day when there are millions of alternatives to choose from and shifting Indian wedding fashion trends. Wearing a contrasting colored lehenga with matching jewelry is perhaps the finest option. They not only stand out from the crowd, but they also help your ethnic bridal gown and jewelry shine out on their own.

One of the top trends in wedding apparel is off-beat colored jewelry, which you should embrace if you're seeking a unique way to decorate. Contrasting jewelry from the same color family is always a good idea.

3. Attire that is light and flowy

Because of the present economic climate, more brides are opting for small, private weddings with only their closest family and friends. Lightweight flowing lehengas are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to being tethered to a location on the stage in a big lehenga that may weigh up to 30 kg.

You'll be able to socialize with your guests and dance the night away without feeling weighted down by traditional lehengas. So opt for chiffon and organza materials, as well as feather and embroidered textiles.

Because of its exceptionally transparent and lightweight feel, it is the best option for summer weddings, as the fabrics give any garment a flowing but weightless appeal. They are often used in multiple layers and so it looks heavy yet heavenly.

4. Classic Red Is Back

The crimson bridal lehenga is the centerpiece of every bride's wedding outfit. The color red, like the color itself, denotes a variety of things, most of which are good and dominating. In Indian tradition, the red wedding lehenga symbolizes powerful emotions such as love and is considered an auspicious choice for the bride.

For a few years, the 'Sabyasachi Red' was the most popular style throughout the world. At her wedding, Yami Gautam embraced herself in a crimson saree. The joy that is invested in the rituals and extravagant festivities is also symbolized by crimson bridal clothing.

The energy that the color red emits when worn in apparel is respectable and extremely powerful, and it corresponds to the amount of energy put in the wedding.

It's also about the bride's bravery and enthusiasm, as well as her leap of faith in making a life-changing decision that will be her cherished memory for the rest of her life.

A red bridal lehenga is not only a tradition but also a dream come true for every bride. While some people may not believe red is their choice, it comes in a variety of colors and tones, so if you're the bride and want to wear a red lehenga, go for it.

5. Embroidery work

Embroidery and ornamentation always add to the appeal and value of an outfit. Every bride dreams of wearing an excellent, elegant, and gorgeous gown as she walks down the aisle. Most brides in India choose an embroidered wedding lehenga as one of their top selections. Monochromatic threadwork is back this year, and it's excellent for brides who like a more basic style.

Bridal lehengas have choli, a dupatta, and a skirt that are all heavily embellished, primarily with embroidery. The fabric has a subtle yet elegant appeal thanks to the simple and accurate handwork. This stitching is all about simplicity, yet the end result is opulent.

By creating complex themes and artistic clothes, embroidery brings meaning and beauty together. This sophisticated kind of thread work is occasionally complimented with expensive gold and silver threads in traditional Indian embroidery.

While some lehengas have minimal embroidery, others have a lot of threadworks. In either case, they significantly enhance each bride's overall appeal. Over bridal lehengas, beautifully contrasted and magnificent tone-on-tone thread embroidery create creative shapes, raising their beauty to ethereal appeal. To create a thicker lehenga, we're seeing embroidered work paired with simple adornments like lightweight sequins or micro-pearls.