10 wardrobe essentials every woman should have

When buying clothes, the style , the design and fabric type are some of the concerns. Different clothes are suitable for different seasons, occasions and body type. They have different maintenance needs, flexibility, drapability and look. These clothes create effects that change a person’s entire look.

People prefer clothes that don’t go out of trend easily and can be used for a longer time. This saves money and is also sustainable. A few clothing items are essential for every woman to have in their closet to go to in case of any occasion. We have made a list of such items for you-

1. Cotton Salwar suit for home

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics. It can be worn at home to do everything with ease and low or no effort at handling the outfit. It is appropriate for summers and can be worn with a jacket during the winters. Cotton has sweat absorbing and cooling properties. While being comfortable, it is also skin friendly for people wearing  it. 

2. A suit for  workplace

Looking decent yet bold at the workplace is important. A suit for the workplace is required just in case of any occasions that might require an ethnic outfit or when you’re bored of the same cliche western wear that everyone is wearing. A suit with minimal work yet not completely simple is recommended for work places usually.

3. A suit for get togethers and parties in the morning

Get togethers in the morning requires a subtle and light shaded outfit. This is because the get together will have a natural light which will make softer colors stand out. Light colors or pastel shades speak for themselves. They look gorgeous in day light and open areas as well.

4. A suit for get togethers and parties at night

Get togethers and parties at night require dark colors and a little handwork or unique work on the outfit. Due to artificial lighting at night , the clothes should be such that they speak for themselves and stand. Suits at parties provide a classy look to the wearer while looking fashionable and beautiful.

5. A salwar suit that can be worn for wedding festivities

Many weddings may require you to dress light and still stand out of the crowd. Such festivities require you to wear a suit along with design to not look under or over dressed. Wearing suits to weddings is one of the trends of today’s time. A suit provides you with the comfort to enjoy while providing with the beautiful and graceful look needed.

6. An anarkali suit

An anarkali suit is a suit that has been trendy for a long time. Many of the people own atleast one of an anarkali suit for occasions when you don't know what to wear. Anarkali suits are graceful and extremely beautiful. They look gorgeous on the person wearing them and also provides the body with a structure that many people desire to achieve.

7. A palazzo

A palazzo is an essential as it can be worn at various occasions and with different outfits. They can be worn with indian, western and indo western outfits. They can be worn with a variety of clothes and look gorgeous. Along with the amazing appearance, they are also extremely comfortable and easy to carry. They can be worn for long periods of time as well because they are comfortable.

8. An outfit made of khadi

Khadi is one of the most trending fabrics these days. Printed khadi looks stunning and classy. These can be worn at various occasions and places. Khadi is eco friendly as well as skin friendly. It is suitable for every season. Being a skin friendly fabric, it does not cause any skin infections even to the people with sensitive skin. It has temperature regulating properties which keeps the wearer cool and comfortable during summers and warm during winters. It is the ideal fabric for people looking for clothes that  can be worn at various seasons. 

9. An embroidered or printed dupatta

An embroidered or printed dupatta can elevate the look of an extremely simple outfit and make it stand out. A plain white kurta and salwar can look completely different with a printed or embroidered dupatta. It can be worn in any way or style. A dupatta with work is preferred by many people as it is easy to mix and match. Any monochromatic suit or a contrasting suit with same color of salwar as the dupatta can look stunning with a heavy embroidered or printed dupatta.

10. A suit in one of the neutral colors

Neutral colors look good at every situation or occasion. They suit every complexion and body type. They are also the preferred colors by many people. Wearing neutral colors is said to give the body a certain desired look and highlight the areas according to preference. These colors are also soothing to the eye and can be worn at a number of occasions. It is said that one can never go wrong  with neutral colors.

These are a few essential outfits that should be included in every women’s wardrobe. These outfits look good on almost everyone and have you covered for almost every situation. Whether it is a lazy day at home or a party, a work day or a fun filled wedding, these outfits can also be mixed and matched to make an entirely different outfit. These are the must haves for every woman in her closet.

Even though these are a few common wardrobe essentials, it is important to be comfortable in what you wear and how well you carry it. So wear what makes you the most confident because that’s what makes a person a trend setter instead of a follower.

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